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  • April Pianta

Nocturnal Released

Always a good place to start. Grab a coffee and plug in your headphones. Unless you have an iphone 7 and can't plug them in...(eye roll):

The saxophone has for a long time been my least favourite instrument. The banjo, one of my fav's. This track makes my eyelids fill, not to spilling point (that wouldn't be cool) but pretty darn close. It might be 90's ballad nostalgia or the slow build but either way this album brings the sax back into the fold (even though I suspect it's being played on a Korg). So, Justin can make the harmonies while I make coffee and fill you in on what's happening @Southern Roasting co.

Spring is definitely here and with it comes the release of our seasonal blend, 'Nocturnal'.

A high-end, balanced & ballsy ( roast.

Bright citrus overtones dissolving into long, nutty, dark chocolate notes, leaving the mouth with a clean floral finish. A good choice if you like the flavour of a darker roast. The more delicate and complex 'Wildwood' blend is staying on as a favourite amongst those who get a kick out of tasting regional characteristics that come through the more medium roast profile. Uplifting citrus, apple and blossom is hard to put down.

A good thing happened today. A pallet piled with hessian sacks, bulging in excitement arrived at the roastery. We looked, touched and smelled the green beans before firing up the roaster and making them dance. We'll be finding that sweet spot for the organic, fair trade, rainforest alliance, bird friendly... breathe... Guatemalan that will be our single origin offering for Spring. This will be a limited release so stay posted through the usual avenues.

The fun part is that you can now view and order our range online to be delivered to your door. As a kicker we're offering all of our customers wholesale prices for November. Head to to place your order. We deliver free to Manjimup because if you live here you know where it's at!

So, lets just assume you share some similarities with me aside from a tumultuous relationship with the saxophone, and having read about coffee now feel the urgent need to drink one. May I recommend something to eat while you drink? This simple but down-right delicious Fig & Walnut Tart is the child of Maggie Beer, which says enough. I took the liberty of adding a pinch of freshly pounded cardamom seeds and - don't mention this to Maggie - took this tart to town! The recipe is from her book, Maggie's Table. The photo is mine because I actually made this for real.

Fig & Walnut Tart

Looking forward to revealing more about what's roasting this season and introducing some of our favourite people & places where you'll find Southern Roasting coffee on the pour.

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