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  • April Pianta

Roasting For The People

Autumn has always been a favourite time of mine and it's all the more in-your-face when you're living 300km from the city with state forest as your backyard. The front yard is just Autumn showing off with trees turning yellow and moulting, sheep growing fat and multiplying, and paddocks silently transforming from caked brown to lush green. What a place to work!

It is also home to our new venture, Southern Roasting co. Many will know that when Ian sets his mind to something, it's all-consuming, passionately followed and skillfully done. When that 'something' is coffee, it becomes all the more important because it's something I'm a tad passionate about, as well. So, after many years of dreaming, discussing, drinking, sourcing, comparing and creating, we are just about ready to throw this baby straight into the deep end with no floaties.

Our plan is pretty simple:

Procure premium, ethically sourced green beans from the places they thrive best.

Create well crafted roast profiles that do justice to the raw product.

Supply to venues we trust.

Share the amazing stories behind the beans so you can taste and know.

Our roasts will vary as we source new and interesting beans from season to season. By producing our roasts in small batches we can ensure you receive your coffee when it's at it's best. We can offer tasting notes and advice on what's best for what and which soundtrack you should have playing while drinking. In fact, here's a great place to start-

Costa Rica micro lot Legua Camachos while listening with headphones to this:

Yes, I'm doing that as I type and my mouth and ears are satisfied.

Want to get your mits on some of our coffee? Head to and hit up the contact section with your name, address and preferences; whole bean, ground and origin (read up on the site to see what appeals). Tell us how many bags(250g/1kg) and we'll get on it. Site should be up and live in the next 24hrs...

Happen to own a cafe and think you can handle our coffee? Get in touch!

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